A New Beginning

Are you ready, Mendocino?

Community Center of Mendocino (CCM) and the Mendocino School District have signed a three year lease for the entire old grammar school complex, including Friendship Park, the Dojo, the petanque piste, the Dog Park, the Community Gardens, the picnic areas and the children’s playground. We are on our way! A small group of people have taken on this project at the urging of many. Now the community center is ours, and it’s up to all of us to bring dreams to fruition.

CCM needs your ideas, your skills and energy, and your financial contributions to make this happen.

We are especially in need of funds at this crucial moment. Even small donations of money, or the equipment and supplies that we would otherwise have to purchase, will help get the doors open and the programs underway. See the Wish List for essential items. Larger contributions, and pledges over time will help grow the Center’s programs. Help now by pledging your financial support.

We need to come together as a proud and resourceful community to ensure that our children continue to have the enrichment programs they deserve, to restore Friendship Park to its former glory, to build programs for our toddlers, teens, adults and seniors, and to ensure that the Dojo, Community Garden, Petanque court, Dog Park, and picnic area will thrive and serve the needs of our citizens. The Community Center is a fabulous resource; what can we make of it?

Financial contributions (payable to NCO/CCM) and pledge forms can be:

  • Mailed to PO Box 551, Mendocino CA 95460
  • Dropped off at the Village Toy Store, Lansing Street, Mendocino anytime
  • Brought to the Community Center on or after August 25, 2012.

If you have items to donate, ideas and energy to share, events or programs you’d like to sponsor or teach, you can also contact CCM via community@mcn.org.