About CCM

Community Center of Mendocino (CCM) is a community-based nonprofit formed in fall 2011 as a response to several years of Mendocino Coast Recreation and Parks District (MCRPD) informing the Mendocino community repeatedly that their Mendocino center, including the after-school program, was in imminent danger of closing due to lack of funds. It was apparent that a new plan was needed that did not rely on MCRPD for the center’s survival.

In July, 2012, Community Center of Mendocino’s sealed bid was accepted by the site’s owner, the Mendocino Unified School District, and in August, 2012, Community Center of Mendocino reopened the center, this time including a state-licensed school–age child care facility (the first of those to be licensed at this site), on the opening day of the school year.

CCM envisions a Mendocino Community Center operated by, and for, the greater Mendocino community. Caspar and Elk have accomplished this, and we believe Mendocino can too. By creating a plan that frees MCRPD to focus on the CV Starr Center, the broader coastal needs, and their other obligations, CCM and the greater Mendocino community can focus on the Mendocino Community Center, Friendship Park, and the activities here.

In February, 2012, North Coast Opportunities (NCO), whose mission is “to be a leader in developing and providing Human Services that Strengthen Our Community,” became CCM’s Fiscal Sponsor, and in September, 2012, CCM’s application for 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt status was approved by IRS retroactive to January 2012.