Community Update 8/9/12

As CCM moves into the transitional period, we want to keep the community informed of our progress on:

  • Working with Mendocino Coast Recreation and Parks District
  • Our fiscal sponsorship relationship with North Coast Opportunities
  • Community Care Licensing

Working with MCRPD

Lisa Weg and Obe Brown attended the special Board Meeting held on August 8, 2012. The purpose of attending was to comment on an agenda item re: MCRPD transition out of the Old Grammar school building. We requested their assistance in consideration of the materials and supplies in the building. We learned from their attorney, Jim Jackson, that everything in the building is considered property of the Recreation District, and thus publicly owned property. He explained that they are mandated to inventory the materials. They can then declare it surplus if they have no use for it. It appears, he was still researching, that they then need to advertise the sale of said surplus material in a prescribed manner, and then auction the materials to the highest bidder. Beth Pine indicated that there are several groups and individuals that have expressed interest in materials from the building. We expressed our interest in the equipment, on a loan, lease or purchase basis, as it would greatly facilitate beginning the After-School program on August 28th. We also offered that since their transition period is very short, that if they wised to leave the materials until they were ready to sort and sell, we would be very open to negotiating this. We offered that they could possibly hold their sale in the building. They responded that they would discuss their options and get back to us.

We are planning to attend the August l5 MCRPD Board meeting at the Botanical Gardens and expect an answer at that time.

North Coast Opportunities (NCO)

NCO is committed to us as a fiscal sponsor. This means they manage our money flow and provide us with non-profit certification for donations until we complete the Federal 501c3 process (our state non-profit is complete, the Federal forms have been filed). We are also pursuing status as an official NCO program, which would provide us a variety of benefits, including payroll and bookkeeping services, collaborative possibilities as well as grant writing information and support.

Licensing: We are pursuing licensing as a School Age Child Care Center in order to operate the after-school program. It is a complex and multi-leveled process involving Director and teacher certification, creating a parent handbook, insurance requirements and physical inspection. They have assured us that they will work with us to facilitate our opening date, possibly with a temporary certification until our paperwork is complete.

In addition, we are continuing to reach out to you, the community:

If you are inclined to contribute financially we would be most delighted to accept your donations and pledges. All checks need to be made out to NCO/CCM. Pledge forms are available from our Board members or at the Village Toy Store. Pledge forms and checks can be left for Wanda at the Toy Store as well.