Friendship Park Alumni Association Forming

The Community Center of Mendocino is looking for a “a few good men and women” to help form the Friendship Park Alumni Association, a new organization supporting the ongoing financial needs of Friendship Park, the once-beautiful community-built town baseball park dedicated in the heart of Mendocino almost 20 years ago.

Friendship Park was an inspiring hub of activity for over a decade and a half, and although usage since then has varied, some 1,000 players, coaches, board members and parents, share fond memories of their time on the field or in the stands. We know they would appreciate an opportunity to reconnect with that sweet time in their lives here in Mendocino. We have boxes of old Little League records and team pictures, we have Facebook, and we have parents and young adults who still live here; all we need is the research team to do the fun work of creating the connection. We believe connecting with alumni is a sustainable way to keep our only community park continuously beautiful from generation to generation. One of our goals is to reduce, or even eliminate, the fees leagues have always paid to use the field. We want the field to be used! The sight of players on the field sets a joyous tone for all who enter and depart Mendocino via Little Lake Street.

July 4th, 2013 is only months away. Friendship Park was dedicated in a joyful celebration during which samples of dirt from every major league field in North America, and three fields in Miasa, Japan, were added to home plate. It would be fantastic if we could have the park ready for re-dedication on its twentieth anniversary. Much restoration and repair will be needed, but all is possible.

If you are interested in helping create and energize the Friendship Park Alumni Association, please contact Paul Katzeff,, call 964-0118, or visit the association’s Facebook page at